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Furniture Assembly / Disassembly Services

Our experienced team knows how to handle all kinds of furniture.

If you live, work and move around Glen Echo, MD, furniture assembly and disassembly is often unavoidable. The doorways, hallways, and stairways of old buildings were not designed for modern furniture.

Your Friends With a Truck: Furniture-Assembly Movers in Glen Echo

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Why us?

Whether you need to assemble new furniture or move existing furniture, we have all the right tools for the job. Even more importantly – our expert team is experienced and ready to handle your job in the safest manner possible. Moving sounds like an easy task to take on. It really does. Until your moving day comes close, and most of the tasks that needed to be taken care of aren’t completed. Not in a way you want them to be. And in most cases, people realize that moving furniture isn’t as easy as it seems right after they pack everything else. However – you shouldn’t worry about this aspect. At all. Not when you have our furniture movers Fridley on your team. Ready, and most importantly – happy to help you relocate.

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Furniture-Assembly Movers Glen Echo MD